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User : d-link [Report User]

Average score: 5.51 (139 votes)
d-link: bound, tortured and cum little dick
bound, tortured and cum little dick

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10 most recent comments

jaydee (7th Sep 2014, 00:36)
9 for me. Rate mine please
ratemycockpls8 (31st Jul 2013, 17:53)
That's a nice dick, but I'm sure your wofe would love to fuck a nice big white cock!!
Diddy304 (19th Jul 2013, 06:12)
Rate mine little man
EvilHotties (31st May 2013, 00:41)
Lol sissy boys with shrimp dicks talk about their useless dicks more than the men with real ones! It must make you feel better about your realizations of being utter failures as men - Kisses
d-link (20th May 2013, 00:55)
get your own profile woman
d-link (19th May 2013, 16:15)
My desgraceful cock is not worthy to touch a pussey!
d-link (17th Apr 2013, 01:49)
haha thanks Uncut57. But when I shaved everything I looked like an 8 year old lol. My ex prefered me full bush so we would match each other except she would say my clit is bigger, especialy in winter when balls and dick shrink.
UncutOne57 (15th Apr 2013, 16:41)
I love small ones, and if they're shaved they're even better!
d-link (9th Apr 2013, 03:34)
thank you LadyMagdalene for your honesty. There are way too many patronising comments on little dicks. Your sister will not enjoy fucking me because it will slip out every 3rd stroke and frustrate the hell out of her - but I am happy to recieve a spit in the face every time she is dissapointed. When it cums YES it does just dribble down the small shaft or pool in the pubes, sometimes a pathetic amount but other times quite a lot , but always thick, white and sweet tasting. Yes watching me jerk off will not take too many blinks. Understandably I do enjoy watching propper bigger cocks fucking like I never could. You are not only sexy and yummy but lovely and honest hun. So let me ask you ? Which one of you sluts has the hairiest pussy ? xx
thegto (7th Apr 2013, 11:45)
She could never suck all that black monster. So in this case your tiny white dick wins. Cute.
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